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What are the shipping rates and times?

  • free standard shipping (no tracking) on all Canadian orders regardless of order amount
  • $8.95 for all American orders
  • 19.95 for all International orders
  • Please allow a 2 business day processing time and:
  • 5-7 days business days for Canadian orders, 7-15 business days for American orders, 20+ business days for International orders.
  • We use regular shipping services through Canada post
  • Optional express shipping rates are quoted at check out

How many times can I wear the lashes?

  • With proper care and storage, mink lashes can be worn up to 25 uses, the silk lashes can be worn up to 5-10 times
  • We do not recommend adding any mascara to the lashes nor makeup remover to take off the lashes.  Any oil or water will break down the band of the lashes and affect longevity of lashes

How do I clean the lashes?

  • after each wear, remove the adhesive left behind.  We also recommend using tweezers and a brow brush to remove any dust or lash residue on the lashes.  
  • always store the lashes in a closed box to prevent dust 
  • do not wash your lashes in water or any oil based makeup remover.  Water will break down the band which in turn will lose its shape.

Where are the lashes made?

  • our silk lashes are all meticulously hand-made in Asia (Indonesia and Vietnam)
  • our mink lashes are hand made in Indonesia

How do I store the EnvyEyes Eyelash Adhesive

  • we recommend storing the adhesive away from heat, humidity, direct sunlight and cold.  This may affect the longevity of the adhesive